"Olde" T-shirt
"Olde" T-shirt
"Olde" T-shirt
"Olde" T-shirt

"Olde" T-shirt

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This is the "Olde" T-shirt.

  • XLNC embroidery in "old english style"
  • 100% cotton, pure black
  • "XLNC GOTHENBURG" label in the neck.
  • "XLNC GOTHENBURG" label at the hem.

Made in Europe, embroidered in Gothenburg

The model in the picture is 175cm tall and is wearing size M.


- The word "Olde" may be just a simple variation of "old", but it carries with it a sense of history, tradition, and authenticity. It can remind us to honor our past, appreciate our heritage, and approach things with a sense of simplicity and timelessness. So embrace the charm of the word "Olde" and let it inspire you to connect with the richness of our shared human experience.