Hammarkullen skate ramp - XLNC

Hammarkullen skate ramp - XLNC


Skateboarding is the start of everything.
It introduced us to lifetime friends, creative thinking, music, culture, the meaning of true passion and life in general.

Since we were kids one of our biggest visions was to have a skatepark in our neighbourhood, and by any means necessary we were going to get it, period. So the journey started with us, a crew of four skaters trying to convince the school principal to invest in a mini ramp for our school yard, but that wasn't enough, so our next stop was the local council. They had us hopeful a couple of times but we realised our voices weren't loud enough to get this project rolling. A year or two later we built our own skatepark, all by ourselves and we were so stoked! Finally we had our own project and nobody could tell us anything about how to structure it. We had our own DIY skate park and we loved it. But the park didn't last that long, maybe a year or so because it was built on a tennis court and that wasn't ideal for the city.

This sparked the idea for us to create opportunities for other people. We know the impact skateboarding had on us as kids and we want to spread that feeling.
We’re happy to say that we have landed on a good path. Our goal isn’t just to sell clothes, we want to help and inspire people to evolve in life.

Thank you to everyone who’s been involved in this skate ramp project. More thing will come don’t even worry✌️

Special thanks to Blasko and Irene🛹



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