"Broken" - A skateboard film locally produced in Trollhättan, Sweden

A skateboard movie by Alexander Edqvist created with the mission to push himself and get street footage with the homies.

Sweden is a country with many talented skateboarders, but there's a lack of skateboard movies released. No excuses made, Alexander decided to use his iPhone, unite the homies and record all street missions to make an example of what's possible.

Locally produced in Trollhättan, Sweden and filmed between April & October.


Rasmus Petersson, Alexander Djuvfeldt, Alexander Ljungberg, Emil Jäger, Michael Berglund, Oscar Jonsson, Sebastian Feivik, Peter Johansson, Alexander Fjelnseth, Felicia Fredriksson, Mikael Persson, Albin Edin, Philip Boqvist, Dan Edåker, Fredrik Ferm, Alexander Edqvist & Emil Öhman.

Camera work & editing: Alexander Edqvist.


"Broken", a skateboard film project created purely for the love of skateboarding.


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